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The Myth of Breastmilk

This is Part 1 of what is becoming a 3 part saga. Here are links to part 2 and part 3. Update 1/25/16 @ 1432 It seems that Dr. Narvaez has edited her original post in response...


Cognitive Dissonance, or: Why I write about GMOs

I’m not a biologist. Or a geneticist. Or even a chemist. Heck, I don’t have any formal training in agriculture, biology or farming. So why am I so pro GMO?


I’m not a Research Parasite. You’re a Data Vulture

There’s a minor philosophical conflict in the academic community today, and it has to do with data sharing. You know, the thing that the internet was literally built to do? A key component of...


No, a study has not shown that Organic food is “healthier”

This sunday CBS news aired a program about GMOs. I didn’t watch it (I don’t own a TV) but I’ve read a summary on CBS’s website. The CBS news story accurately stated that there’s...


When my doctor told me I might have cancer.

During the last few weeks I’ve had some urinary problems. Nothing too bad, not worth going into detail over, but I decided to make an appointment with my doctor to see if something could...

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