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Homeopathy won’t cure Flint’s Lead Poisoning problem.

In an undated post from January, 2016  Jerry Kantor wrote that homeopathy can help treat the victims of Flint Michigan’s lead polluted water, stating: A small number of remedies are at hand that on...


The Myth of Breastmilk

This is Part 1 of what is becoming a 3 part saga. Here are links to part 2 and part 3. Update 1/25/16 @ 1432 It seems that Dr. Narvaez has edited her original post in response...


Cognitive Dissonance, or: Why I write about GMOs

I’m not a biologist. Or a geneticist. Or even a chemist. Heck, I don’t have any formal training in agriculture, biology or farming. So why am I so pro GMO?


Criticism is not censorship

If you follow Vaccine news you’ve probably heard about the new Anti-Vaccine PhD thesis by Judy Wilyman that was recently accepted by the University of Willongong in Australia. It’s entitled A critical analysis of the Australian...


Chipotle launches new ad campaign; it backfires spectacularly

Twitter just restored my faith in humanity. Chipotle has begun a partnership with Postmates, a delivery service which will now deliver Chipotle directly to your door. In light of the recent norovirus outbreaks Chipotle...

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