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No, your baby won’t be a drug addict if you use your cell phone too much.

UCI needs to fire someone in their News department. A recent announcement by the University of California at Irvine (sister college to my Alma Mater) ran with the headline “Put the cellphone away! Fragmented...


Michael Shermer: Don’t denigrate open source academic journalism.

Rebecca Watson (who is indisputably awesome) beat me to it. Sort of. In a video she posted a few hours ago (although probably a few days ago by the time I publish this) she...


No, a Giant Comet is NOT going to Destroy us anytime soon.

I used to really enjoy the facebook page I Fucking Love Science, and to be quite honest I still follow that site. But every once in a while, and more often these days, they...


No, your premature baby isn’t going to be Autistic

An article has been floating around, announcing that babies born premature are at a greater risk of developing autism later in life. This stems from a new study performed by Karolinska University in Stockholm, Sweden....

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