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Criticism, Censorship and Hypocrisy: A tale of We Love GMOs

We Love GMOs and Vaccines, a page boasting almost 70,000 pro-science Facebook followers, has been permanently shut down by Facebook, apparently due to the efforts of a handful of anti-vax and anti-GMO trolls. The story...

Not all Self Proclaimed Science Advocates are to be trusted. 0

Not all Self Proclaimed Science Advocates are to be trusted.

Earlier I wrote about how someone, and I don’t know who, is linking to a blog post I made about Dr. Darcia Narvaez’s disastrous post about breastfeeding. It has turned into an entire saga,...


Cognitive Dissonance, or: Why I write about GMOs

I’m not a biologist. Or a geneticist. Or even a chemist. Heck, I don’t have any formal training in agriculture, biology or farming. So why am I so pro GMO?


Criticism is not censorship

If you follow Vaccine news you’ve probably heard about the new Anti-Vaccine PhD thesis by Judy Wilyman¬†that was recently accepted by the University of Willongong in Australia. It’s entitled¬†A critical analysis of the Australian...


Chipotle launches new ad campaign; it backfires spectacularly

Twitter just restored my faith in humanity. Chipotle has begun a partnership with Postmates, a delivery service which will now deliver Chipotle directly to your door. In light of the recent norovirus outbreaks Chipotle...

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