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Why does The Huffington Post let Dana Ullman write for them?

For the uninitiated, Dana Ullman is the self-described “Evidence Based Homeopath” (which I think is the literal definition of an oxymoron) who attempts to promote the benefits of homeopathy to cure all sorts of...

Infographic: Why Homeopathy Doesn’t Work 0

Infographic: Why Homeopathy Doesn’t Work

In the first of what I hope will be many infographics, we discuss what Homeopathy is, and why it absolutely doesn’t work.  


Homeopathy won’t cure Flint’s Lead Poisoning problem.

In an undated post from January, 2016  Jerry Kantor wrote that homeopathy can help treat the victims of Flint Michigan’s lead polluted water, stating: A small number of remedies are at hand that on...

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