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Prehistoric man is not a good example of human health

You hear the argument all the time, from the paleo nuts, from the lactivists, from the anti-GMO crowd: Our ancient ancestors lived this way, therefore we should too. It’s a perfect example of the...


Cognitive Dissonance, or: Why I write about GMOs

I’m not a biologist. Or a geneticist. Or even a chemist. Heck, I don’t have any formal training in agriculture, biology or farming. So why am I so pro GMO?


Parents: Your baby doesn’t need to go on a diet

An article is making the rounds on social media about mothers who are literally starving their children in the guise of feeding them healthy foods. No, this is not hyperbole. They are literally starving their...


No, a study has not shown that Organic food is “healthier”

This sunday CBS news aired a program about GMOs. I didn’t watch it (I don’t own a TV) but I’ve read a summary on CBS’s website. The CBS news story accurately stated that there’s...


Chipotle launches new ad campaign; it backfires spectacularly

Twitter just restored my faith in humanity. Chipotle has begun a partnership with Postmates, a delivery service which will now deliver Chipotle directly to your door. In light of the recent norovirus outbreaks Chipotle...

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