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Criticism, Censorship and Hypocrisy: A tale of We Love GMOs

We Love GMOs and Vaccines, a page boasting almost 70,000 pro-science Facebook followers, has been permanently shut down by Facebook, apparently due to the efforts of a handful of anti-vax and anti-GMO trolls. The story...


The “Shill Gambit”

Note:¬†This is Part 3 of what is becoming a 3 part saga. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 to get caught up. At least I’ve reached a milestone in my life: I’ve...

Someone’s blogging about me… but I don’t know who :( 0

Someone’s blogging about me… but I don’t know who :(

Someone has been sending traffic to my site, which is good, and bad I suppose. Sadly, I don’t know who’s writing about me which means I can’t respond to anything they’re saying. It’s probably...


Homeopathy won’t cure Flint’s Lead Poisoning problem.

In an undated post from January, 2016¬† Jerry Kantor wrote that homeopathy can help treat the victims of Flint Michigan’s lead polluted water, stating: A small number of remedies are at hand that on...

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