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On Logical Fallacies

Do you not recognize that you’re using a logical fallacy, or do you not care? It’s a question I’ve asked many people lately, typically those who are anti-vaccine, anti-GMO, or pro pseudoscience in general....

Do you care if your arguments are poor? 0

Do you care if your arguments are poor?

Logical Fallacies are errors in logical thinking. They can be formal, in other words always wrong, or they can be informal, meaning they are sometimes wrong. They can be conditional, meaning that that it’s...


No, the Red Cross did not use MMS to cure Malaria

An article from NaturalNews, and an accompanying video, claims that the Red Cross has used the “Miracle Mineral Supplement” (MMS) to cure Malaria, a mosquito driven disease that is caused by the parasite Plasmodium....