MMS Founder has nothing but Time on his Hands (Part 2)



I've always been fascinated with Psychology, Skepticism and Critical Thinking. I mainly write about these subjects but I sometimes delve into other topics in science, education and parenting.

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  1. Frank Collias says:

    I can only comment on my own experience concerning MMS and how it cured my severe cough and bronchial condition. I am 71 now and for almost 2 years i went the standard medical route….antibiotics/anti inflammatories. This path was very expensive…almost $2000 across two years…no success and much misery.

    Then I came across an article sbout MMS. It was full of venum in its criticism of MMS. It led me to read more and in one night of reading the literature, I could not believe the stark contrast between those that were against MMS and those that were helped by MMS…all types of ailments were cured!

    Well I forked out $20 and purchased a kit. I started very slow…two activated drops every 2 hours. In short order, i took it up to six drops every two hours. When I went to eight drops, I got diarea…I did like the literature stated…..I backed off….no problem!

    In two weeks I was completely cured and I thank Jim Humble for making this solution known to the world.

    He does not sell MMS. He sells books on what MMS is all about and there are references all over where to buy it…..if you want, you can make it yourself…which is easy to do. It is so inexpensive that citizens of even the poorest countries can make MMS.

    The articles that perpetuate the idea that one is drinking straight bleech are preposterous! The explanations of how it works, by either side, pales in the light of successful empirical evidence from around the world that it does work!

    I know Mr. Humble is not getting rich from MMS. I wish he was….Thank you Mr. Humble for exposing MMS to the world.

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