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My Response to Jim Humble (Part 3)

Jim Humble (or someone impersonating him but who advocates for MMS) has been emailing me rather furiously lately. I’ve been a bit busy but I’ve finally had time to respond to Humble’s email. Below...


MMS Founder has nothing but Time on his Hands (Part 2)

Jim Humble, the founder and lead seller of the fake cure for Malaria (and just about anything else he can get people to believe) MMS has nothing but time on his hands. After reading...


Google De-Lists Natural News, and Mike Adams goes full Conspiracy

Last night I began seeing reports, both on Facebook and several skeptical blogs, that Google had de-listed from its search engine results. As a good skeptic, I didn’t share any of those links...


MMS Still Doesn’t Cure Malaria (James Humble Fights Back)

James Humble, creator and lead pusher of the “Miracle Mineral Solution” (alternative known as the Master Mineral Solution), has apparently nothing but time on his hands. Last night I received an email from James Humble....


Why does The Huffington Post let Dana Ullman write for them?

For the uninitiated, Dana Ullman is the self-described “Evidence Based Homeopath” (which I think is the literal definition of an oxymoron) who attempts to promote the benefits of homeopathy to cure all sorts of...

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